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Long Night of Arts

Walking one night through the town and discovering arts at every corner: The Long Night of Arts was established in 2001 - the audience, the artists and the creative community love it. The supply is rich and plentiful, yet everything is accessible by a walk through the historical old town. No tiresome bus ride from station to station, instead, a comfortable saunter through the lanes, across the river, the squares... And the admission is free.

It's the purpose of the Night of Arts to inspire interest in arts. We want to attract people to museums and galleries and to turn them into 'serial killers' who will come many times. The local and regional arts scene has a stage here. Unusual and experimental ideas are realised, too. Young persons shall gain access to the arts by the Nights of Arts. It is also a night of meeting - between audience, artists and the creative community. They join informal conversations and perceive and discover the town differently.

Some of the participants are:

Art Forum Schwäbisch Hall Building Society (the main sponsor): here is the traditional opening of the Night of Arts at 18 o'clock

  • Hällisch-Fränkisches Museum
  • Art association Galerie am Markt
  • Kunsthalle Würth arts gallery
  • Saint Michael's and Saint Catharine's churches
  • Hall's Academy of Arts
  • The House of Education, including adult education school and music school
  • Town library
  • Artists' association of Schwäbisch Hall
  • Hohenlohe art associationFree aid
  • Schwerpunkt Glück
  • well as galleries, open studios, installations and performances.

Information about the Night of Arts and the flyer containing all the exhibitions, activities and a city map available 4 weeks before the night of arts, either in the cultural office or at any of the involved museums and galleries.