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Schwäbischhall Shop


The Lichtspielhaus and Gloria cinemas

1911-2011: 100 years of cinema in Schwäbisch Hall!

Modern cinema technology is concealed behind a romantic half-timbered facade in the middle of Hall's old town.

Please see our website for the programme (right column).



- Lichtspielhaus (205)

- Studio (104)

- Metro (84)



- Gloria (195)

- Scala (50)

Cinema in the Schafstall

180 seats

The repertory cinema, supported by the town, has been offering an artistic film supply since 1971. Current films, classics, thematic series and family cinema are part of the programme. Directors and film-makers are regularly invited.

The cinema received several awards, p. e. by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for its excellent film programme.

The cinema is run in honorary capacity by the Cinema working group of the club alpha 60 - everybody can become a member! A detailed programme flyer is published every month (obtainable p. e. from the tourist information).