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Grosscomburg castle

Phone 0049 791 938 185

Opening hours:

Daily admission to the castle.

Short guided tours to Saint Nicholas, meeting place at Michael's chapel

from 1 April to 31 October

Tuesday till Friday 11, 13, 14, 15, 16 o'clock

Sat/Sun/holidays 14, 15, 16 o'clock

Grosscomburg castle, a former Benedictine monastery, was founded in 1078. This vast castellated structure is majestically rising on a hill. The outer fortifications of Comburg castle, p. e. the impressive parapet walk around the whole complex, are freely accessible.

The Saint Nicholas collegiate church is dominated by its Romanesque towers and the rebuilding of the Baroque period (1706-1715). Its rich interior includes Romanesque art treasures of international regard: the wagon-wheel chandelier and the altar frontal.

From 1 November to 31 March: guided tours only after advance notification of the information centre, phone 0791/938-185. The Tourism and Marketing society offers guided tours for groups.

Comburg castle accommodates today the Federal academy of advanced training and personnel development at schools. Options for conferences are available, call 0791/930200. The website of the Federal academy provides many facts about the history of Comburg castle and concerts in the Imperial Hall.

Music, exhibitions and literature on Comburg castle

The Federal academy of advanced training for teachers organises indoor concerts in the Imperial Hall and exhibitions. The Hohenlohe Cultural Summer provides concerts in the Saint Nicholas (Grosscomburg) and Saint Aegidius (Kleincomburg) churches. In every September, the holder of the Comburg literature stipendiate is dwelling in the holiday apartment of the monastery.

Kleincomburg castle

Tel. 0049 791 938 185

Opening hours:

every day (ask for the key in the branch office of the prison next door)

Saint Aegidius church, endowed in 1108, is a marvellous Romanesque building set in a nice location on a hill opposite Grosscomburg castle - 15 minutes of walk away.