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Schwäbisch Hall, the musical town

Jazz in the Hospitalkirche
A piano-player
Singer/Songwriter in the "Altes Schlachthaus"

Which kind of music to you prefer? A huge number of concert organisers provide for an extensive musical supply of classical and church music or rock and jazz. Loud or quiet sounds, great and small concerts, amateur and professional music, popular and experimental music are as highly regarded and enjoying uncontested places in the cultural programme of the town.

Emphasis is put on the musical education of children and young persons, provided by the town's music school and the town orchestra. Hall's symphony orchestra consists predominantly of professional and amateur musicians from the region.

Music is performed at the most diversified places - and all of them have a special, unmistakeable ambience, e. g., in the medieval New Building (612 seats), in the Arche im Sonnenhof (550 seats), in Comburg castle (e. g., Imperial Hall, 100 seats) or in the Old Slaughter-house (100 seats).

Several churches offer a nice framework for concerts as well, e. g., Saint Michael (1.169 seats) or the baroque Hospital church (280 seats), the Saint Nicholas collegiate church on Comburg castle (350 seats), Kleincomburg castle (approx. 100 seats) and the Resurrection church (850 seats).

A huge number of music associations and groups promote the concert business of the town.

Jazz, pop and rock are provided, among others, by club alpha, NCO-Club, Jazzclub, Schwerpunkt Glück and many trendy bars. The international Jazz Art Festival is of exceptional quality.

Open air music is in particular organised by the Open-air performances with their extremely popular music productions (e.g., Comedian Harmonists, Glenn Miller Story, Three-Penny-Opera etc.) and of course during the town festivals (Cake and Source Festival, Summer Night festival, Goethe Summer festival, Friendship Day etc.).

Another specific feature: the non-commercial free radio station StHörfunk Schwäbisch Hall broadcasts unusual music beyond the mainstream, from jazz via classical and techno to avant-garde.