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Theatre - cabaret - floor shows

The Open-air performances, founded in 1925, are performed on the stairs of Saint Michael's and in the Haller Globe Theatre (established in 2000). They belong to the trademarks of the town. More than 60 000 guests from far and wide are gathering every summer to enjoy this special theatrical event. Add to it the children theatre and the supporting programme - theatrical walk, theatrical breakfast etc. - which complement the festival performance programme. A new course was set by the Open-air performances in 2003, for since then notable stagings of the youth club were organised, and the Open-air performances also acted as co-initiators of the international youth theatre festival.

Beyond the festival there are guest performances in the theatrical hall of the New Building - a stylish building from 1527 - that provides 600 seats.

Gerhards' Puppet Theatre, founded like the Open-air performances in 1925, is one of the largest and best puppet theatres of Germany. Beside many enchanting plays for children - from Jim Button to the Little Witch -, 'The Puppet Faust of Schwäbisch Hall' is played for adults.

Schwäbisch Hall is a stronghold of cabaret, represented by the Konzertkreis Triangle association in co-operation with the cultural office, and by others.

There is a great variety of floor shows and amateur theatres, e. g., in the cultural centre Old Slaughter-house or in the theatrical cellar at the Hafenmarkt.

The varied attractive venues of Schwäbisch Hall contribute to a special atmosphere of these events.