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Floor show and amateur theatre

Kleines Theater Hall e.V.

Scenes of real life, the amusing aspects of human commonness and musical elements are the means by which director and author Peter Hauser and the actors of the Kleines Theater Hall create a happy and sensitive theatre for audiences between 6 and 96 years.

The amateur theatre of Schwäbisch Hall has been active for twenty years. The Kleines Theater Hall has been maintaining since 2001 the Theatrical Workshop, located opposite the Sudhaus at Lange Strasse 33/1. Rehearsals, scenery building and the Creative Workshop for children are the means to explore the 'playground' of the theatre and to kindle a desire for theatre.

Whether for comic or tragic discussions of reality, the theatre found a home here. Learning how to play theatre means: to set out for a trip. Performing means: not to show off; not to play happy or sad; not to act on the audience's behalf but to observe yourself, to explore yourself, then to decide for a different role on stage and to learn to know the character you are playing - not only the text that this character is speaking.

This is true in theatre and in life: Not the language conveys the meaning but its speaker does.

The Kleines Theater Hall also contributes to cultural variety in the Cultural Centre Old Slaughter-house venue. By performing its own plays and organising family events, the amateur theatre of Hall maintains a regular and independent theatrical programme.

The Kleines Theater Hall organises regular performances in the theatrical hall of the Old Slaughter-house in autumn, winter and spring. Guest performances are possible!

The Kleines Theater Hall developed out of a group of theatre buffs who met (again) in Schwäbisch Hall. Directed by Peter Hauser, the Kleines Theater Hall keeps developing and producing further stage plays for children and adults. Located first in the Sonnenhof, then in the former 'Klack-Theater' and, since 2001, in the Theatrical Workshop at the Sudhaus near the Kunsthalle Würth arts gallery.

Princess Gisela Theatre

The programme covers magic and puppet theatre (Max Pyrofax, Hokus Pokus) and Punch and Judy Shows (Zitterknittel the Witch, Punch's christmas wishes and more).

Moreover ...

... Gisela Datismann offers: p. e. theatre workshops, fairy-story telling evenings

... Bernhard Deutsch: guided tours to oddities of the town, creative guided tours for children and young adults, art machines, artistic christmas fair.

School and youth theatre

The Open-air performances of Schwäbisch Hall founded a youth club in 2003 that is attracting much attention. Subjects are discussed there that really concern young persons and that they can express in their own ways.

The international youth theatre festival has been taking place every other year since 2005.

For information, please contact the script editor of the Open-air performances, Georg Kistner.

Some schools in Schwäbisch Hall are permanently offering theatre workshops that produce substantial results (p. e. the Waldorf school or the Erasmus Widmann Gymnasium).

Amateurs' theatrical group 'ÜberHall'

ÜberHall, developed out of the Federal Workshop Theatre & School in 1990, is organising workshops and theatrical projects.

After 1989, the Circus Compostelli has grown into one of the largest children and youth circuses of Baden-Württemberg. Up to 120 artists are training every week, juggling, unicycle riding, acrobatics, magic, walking on running balls and steel ropes, clownery and trapeze. They even acquired their own tent in 1997!

Pfeffer & Salz Theater

's Schwäbisch Häller Pfeffer & Salz Theater

The new Swabian dialect stage in Schwäbisch Hall. Classical or modern comedies and historical plays from the region are presented there. There are performances from November to March, i. e. in heated rooms, while it is cold outdoors on Hall's stairs. The standard stage is the Theatrical Cellar, but the Pfeffer & Salz Theater also tries to transmit a bit of Hall's theatrical culture into the rural vicinity by additional guest performances in the environs. The first play to be 'translated' into Swabian was Molières 'The Imaginary Invalid'.

Group widerHALL

Gesang, Parodie und Gedichte

Theatrical cellar: Freunde der Achtlosen/Schrägstrich

Literature, revue, cabaret & chanson

The Freunde der Achtlosen association has leased the Theatrical Cellar and would like to integrate this wonderful room into the cultural scene of the town by performances of its own and of guest groups.

Though the once popular amateur revue ensemble Die Achtlosen has dissolved, it has returned to light in several formations within the recently founded association

Schrägstrich or Slash is the name of a new cabaret and revue group. It had a much noted initiation with its satire 'On top' whose author, Georg Kreisler, said it was almost a musical.

The 'Literary Combo' intends to present once per month a topic from the area of literature and/or music. An 'Amateur club' was recently established, too. A forum shall be installed there which will give voice, sound or action to everybody who is ready to go public. This room is also very suitable for setting up exhibitions. Finally, the cellar is available for concerts as well.