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Open Air Theatre

The Freilichtspiele

Theatre on the stairs
The Theatre Globe Theater

The open-air performances on the stairs of Saint Michael are an inseparable part of Schwäbisch Hall's identity. They were founded in 1925 by the then director of Hall's spa theatre, Robert Braun, called then the 'Everyman Performances'.

Artistic merits and entertainment join very well. Three stagings on the Great Stairs are the core of the festival. Two annual stagings in the Haller Globe theatre - a unique wooden rotunda on the Kocher Island in the heart of the town - were added in 2000.

The children's theatre had for a long time been at home in Gelbinger Gasse, but now it is playing in the Haller Globe theatre. It is a special concern of the open-air performances that young persons shall be inspired by theatre: the youth club and the international youth theatre festival are very successful in this respect. A many-faceted supporting programme contributes to the festival, e. g., the theatrical walk, the theatrical breakfast, the dance theatre and introductory lectures.

Artistic director Christoph Biermeier hires an ensemble of famous actresses and directors from all over Germany every season. The rehearsals right on the marketplace, beginning in late April, are splendid! If you ever saw the open-air performances, you will come back many times.