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Schwäbisch Hall is a Business and Growth City

red cover of the new business location
view of the landscape from Schwäbisch Hall
airplane at the Adolf Würth Airport
photo collage of companies from Schwäbisch Hall
panel discussion at the "Congress of Global Market Leaders"

Schwäbisch Hall is a special town, a family-friendly town with a medieval atmosphere and a high quality of life and living, an educational town of high esteem and a supraregionally acknowledged offer of arts and culture. World market leaders and hidden champions are at home - our town permits to excellently join tradition and innovation.

Here you may do business! Our new Business Location will convince you!

Schwäbisch Hall, the second largest town of the region Heilbronn-Franken, has always been an independent nucleus to grow economy, culture and quality of life. Yet mayor Hermann-Josef Pelgrim said, 'Hall is still looking forward to its future'. There were some significant signs: for example, the number of jobs and inhabitants in the town at the river Kocher is higher than ever, and counting.

Add to it that millions are invested into many future projects - despite the crisis. And Pelgrim observes; 'We enjoy an unstalled dynamism as a residential, working and living centre, especially for families and elder citizens.' High quality of life and an above-average number of high-quality jobs, for women as well, was the asset that was still ranking the town of Hall 'distinctly highly' in the intermunicipal competition. Regarding economy, this development was supported with a generous supply of building ground and innovative financing models, p. e., the hereditary building contract - for start-ups and for big enterprises.

The dynamic abilities of the public services that have been awarded several times fit into this infrastructural atmosphere of departure: Their purpose is soon to establish an independent regenerative energy supply that would cover the demand for power and heating in the town.

All these purposes are inspired by the 'Back into town' tendency that affected Hall very clearly. Nearby residential areas are therefore purposefully exploited and gaps between buildings in the town are closed to meet all demands. Expensive service institutions like the public bath or the town library may be easier maintained as centrality increases.

Pelgrim keeps an eye on the demographic factor because he tries to prepare the magistrate accordingly: by supporting young families, by creating solid conditions for job and living in the middle years and, finally, by attracting senior citizens in the prime of life. An increasingly important role was assumed by healthcare: preserving the workforce is gaining importance as the society ages. This requires on the one hand the high-capacity medicine of a 'Diakonie hospital' on site, on the other hand, a spa-like standard in preventive healthcare. Hall offers both. Altogether, Hall will become even more distinguishable as a health and wellness centre. This will be much easier when the west bypass, the Weiler tunnel and the east bypass will have fully assumed their task of relieving traffic congestions.

Education is another integer component of the town's image, further improved by the recent State University for Management and Distribution. Its unique range of courses may attract students from all over Germany while conveying 'international distribution competence made in Schwäbisch Hall' abroad. Graduates will be able to promote the competitiveness of the globally active local industry - after all, international professionalism in the matter of distribution is a core competence of any enterprise.

Core competence in the area of retail trade shall as well be promoted. The mayor beliefs that extending the town's centre into the new Kocher district is 'a landmark in the centrality function as a shopping centre'. Such a landmark was already existing in the area of culture: 'Here we have a unique selling point, and our museum scenery makes us a main focus of Baden-Württemberg,' Pelgrim proudly states.