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In the Heart of Europe - Home from Home

The beautiful landscape around Schwäbisch Hall is immediately apparent. Slightly off the beaten track, the city on the Kocher river is renowned as a centre of innovative engineering within Europe. The geographical location contributes to this: located in the triangle between the cities of Stuttgart, Frankfurt/Main and Nuremberg, SchwäbischHall is not far away from the centres of southern Germany.

Close to the the major motorway routes, the A 6 (Paris - Saarbrücken - Nuremberg - Prague), the A 7 (Flensburg - Füssen) and the A 81 (Würzburg - Stuttgart - Lake Constance), Schwäbisch Hall is ideally linked by an eastern and western bypass. The industrial estates as well as the city centre and suburbs are only a few minutes from the motorway. But that is not all: Adolf Würth Airport provides convenient access to the whole of Europe in any weather in just a few hours. The airport is of course equipped with an instrument landing system.

A large number of companies take advantage of this positive environment: from specialist engineering companies in the packaging industry to high-tech manufacturers in the energy sector and, of course, small and medium-sized trading companies, industrial businesses and cottage industries. Start-up companies also find ideal conditions in Schwäbisch Hall supported by an unbureaucratic business development department: Various start-up centres provide affordable office space and also industrial sites for young entrepreneurs. Municipal subsidiaries are ideal service providers for business. They focus on finding the right property as well as taking care of the necessary energy requirements: Stadtwerke (Municipal Works) also provide gas and heat in addition to electricity and water. A large proportion of the electricity and heat comes from the cogeneration of heat and electricity. Renewable raw materials are used in the company's own combined heat and power plants (CHPs).

Space for companies is one side of the coin - space for families is the other. There is a wide range of interesting residential areas, a broad spectrum of educational opportunities for young and old as well as many different leisure facilities in Schwäbisch Hall. The unspoilt nature of forests, castles and palaces is close at hand and the medieval city centre is perfect for taking a stroll around and relaxing.

Of course, sporting activities take place in a wide varietyof clubs but culture, music or local customs and social circles have also found a home here. In addition, there are the cultural highlights: the Freilichtspiele (Open Air Festival), Kunsthalle Würth (Art Gallery), Johanniterkirche (St. John's Church), Hohenlohe Open Air Museum and Hällisch-Fränkische Museum that attract a large number of visitors to Schwäbisch Hall each year. There is not just a broad range of catering ranging from classic German food and a variety of dishes from abroad but also multiple-award-winning gourmet cuisine.

photo collage of companies from Schwäbisch Hall