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Family and Education

Families are welcome to Schwäbisch Hall!

Young family

Families should enable their members to develop individually, to support each other and to answer for each other. Parents want to strengthen their children, to educate them as much as is within their power, to promote their school and professional career and to provide emotional stability.

This town demonstrates its love for children as well by the 'Aktion Gute Fee', or Operation Good Fairy.

Families may use an excellent infrastructure in Schwäbisch Hall! Schwäbisch Hall is a town in which families like to live and dwell. We have one of the best supplies of day-care centres in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. Many options for day-care with family-compatible opening hours are available, as well as elementary schools with complementary care, covered by the Reliable Elementary School programme, secondary schools, professional and technical schools.

Low criminal activity and good prevention contribute to a healthy urban atmosphere. Options for individual activity include leisure, culture, health and consultation, sports and public associations.

An intact environment and an attractive scenery contribute to the quality of life in Schwäbisch Hall!

The Family Manual answers many questions about achievements in family politics and available offers of support.

Family members in need of care are supported by various local care services. Stationary care facilities, assisted living, rest homes, day care and advice centres are parts of the social infrastructure.

Our future is education - Schwäbisch Hall, the town of education

Children under three years of age

Education is the key for the future - whether of the individual, the community or the economic location. People, talents and situations vary, requiring many different accesses and offers - for young or old people, for highly gifted or disadvantaged citizens. Equal opportunities can be realised only by educational variety.

In what way is Schwäbisch Hall different?

In its excellent basic structure and variety of profiles, certainly - whether day-care centre or high school, advanced technical college or professional schools, music school or adult education, the gallery of arts or the Theatre on the Stairs. The academy of Comburg and the Goethe Institute add a special profile to our educational supply: They are attracting school management from all over Baden-Württemberg and course participants from all over the world into our town.

Consider as well the dedication and enthusiastic commitment of the citizens to education in their town: fundings, friends' associations, parents' action groups, donations and sponsoring by enterprises, service clubs or citizens - a powerful network has accepted the challenge of a municipal finance crisis, assuming commitment beyond the financial limits.

Education is a priority of Schwäbisch Hall.