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Festivals and Celebrations

Festivals and Markets


Town festivals are a consistent part of life in Schwäbisch Hall. Whatever your preferences, whether traditional, like the Cake and Source Festival, commercial like Hall's Spring and Autumn, multicultural like the Friendship Day or the famous Open-air performances:

You are kindly invited to celebrate with us!

Children's Festival

The Children's Festival has a long tradition. Pretzels were distributed in mediaeval times, while today, the whole town is turned into a huge playground.

Kindergartens, schools, associations, the police: more than 80 institutions offer a varied programme in the town.

Hall's Spring

Schwäbisch Hall celebrates the beginning of spring in every year. Shops are open even on Sunday, and a diversified programme is awaiting you all over the town.

A children's flea market, a farm market, the beer village, live music and many stalls decorate the town on these days.

Cake and Source Festival

saltsimmer on the unterwöhrd

Historical celebration of the saltmakers.

History began 2,500 years ago in a salt spring.

The saltmakers were producing salt - the 'white gold of the Middle Ages' - for centuries. This trade made the town wealthy, turning it into the architectural jewel it is today. The saltmaker's festival of Schwäbisch Hall is documented since the 14th century. Its origin is probably the cleaning of the salt spring in which the medieval wealth was founded. This hard work was recompensed with a festival that the town council granted to the saltmakers. It had to be approved every year again. Activities, clothes and dancing position were stipulated.

The modern Cake and Source Festival, featuring more than 500 actors and assistants, is one of the best town celebrations in the country, offering a diversified mixture of medieval tradition and lots of music.

Jakobi market

The Jakobi market, one of the oldest markets of the region, has been taking place 'at Jacob's day' for 800 years. Today it is a lively family festival that takes four days.

The vivid mongers' market on Haalplatz square and in parts of the centre offers a wide range of consumer goods at 150 market stalls. Alternatively, you may get a touch of 'Oktoberfest' in the fun fair.

Summer Night Party

summer night festival

Every year, by the end of summer, Schwäbisch Hall celebrates the night of nights. The extended town park along the river Kocher changes into an enchanting light sea: 30 000 light mugs in imaginative ornaments and 3 500 coloured lampions are dangling from the old trees, evoking pure romanticism!

The Großer Siedershof offers a programme of a quite different kind: colourfully costumed actors dancing with torches on the 'Grasbödele', the grassy floor.

The highlight of the festival is the colourful fireworks.

International Muzzleloader Shooting

International Muzzle-Loading Rifle Shoot

Gunpowder smoke and wild west romanticism in the centre of Hohenlohe.

Wild west fans from all over Europe join every year on the Hasenbühl hill in Schwäbisch Hall.

There are stalls for craftworks and everything that a western fan may hope for, from native American jewellery via cowboy boots to the bullet pouring set.

Dressed up attractively, the participants turn their annual meeting into a diversified spectacle: trappers with fur caps, pretty ladies in Southern States look and Red Indians in embroidered deerskin jerkins. Some of them will even camp in tepees while the party is on.

Country live bands in the saloon and outdoors provide for fitting music.

The highlight is obviously the muzzleloader shooting contest.

Friendship Day

Colourful - peaceful - cosmopolitan

Schwäbisch Hall, probably the 'smallest metropolis of the world', has 38 000 inhabitants and 10 percent of its population are of foreign origin. People from more than 100 nations have found a new home in Schwäbisch Hall. The conclusion of summer has therefore been celebrated by the Friendship Day for 20 years, organised by the town and the associations of the foreign fellow citizens. National dishes, music and dances are provided.

Oven Festival

A festival like in great-grandmother's time, in the Hohenlohe open-air museum Wackershofen.

A special mongers' market, craftsman and their products, music, buskers, dance groups in traditional costumes, lots of food - all this is supplied by the Oven Festival.

Hall's Autumn

Schwäbisch Hall celebrates the beginning of autumn in every year. Shops are open even on Sunday, and a diversified programme is awaiting you all over the town.

A flea market, a wine market, the wine village, live music and many stalls decorate the town on these days.

Craftsmen's market

Dawdle, enjoy and discover!

In addition to the actual Christmas fair on the marketplace, there is the craftsman's market all around the Hospital yard. More than 30 artists are selling their works and children are invited to join the fun.

This market is perfect for finding a special Christmas present.

Christmas fair

christmas market in schwaebisch hall

The marketplace, the town hall and Saint Michael's church shine in warm colours to light a fire in the heart of every Christmas fair fan. The smell of burnt almonds and spicy mulled wine penetrates the air to enchant you.

Salt day

The white gold of the Middle Ages

See on site how real salt is gained from Hall's original brine in a boiling pan replica with a lot of smoke and fire.

The whole day focusses on the 'white gold'.