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Discover Schwäbisch Hall the easy way!

We have designed some all-inclusive prices for you which will help you to get to know Schwäbisch Hall.

Group offers:

Schwäbisch Hall in the night

A day through centuries:

Late March till early October

Day trip for 10 or more people

Witness 2,500 years of salt history in one of the nicest historical old towns of south Germany.

The Hohenlohe open-air museum Wackershofen is a ten minutes drive by car away.

There you find 64 faithfully rebuilt buildings, furnished with old pieces of furniture and tools, as well as almost extinct domestic animal races. Daily varying craft presentations grant insights into the rural past.

The following services are included:

  • a guided tour through the historical old town (60 min.)
  • a 'Hohenlohe midday feast' in a comfortable restaurant in the centre or in the museum inn 'Zum Roten Ochsen'
  • Admission and guided tour to the Hohenlohe open-air museum Wackershofen (120 min.)
  • a small 'salty' present for each participant

Middle Ages meet modern age

all year round

Day trip for 10 or more people

Witness the history of the former imperial town coming to life during a guided walk. Individual impressions merge into a harmonious coexistence of past and present. The Kunsthalle Würth arts gallery is obligatory for art and architecture afficionados. Temporary exhibitions cover modern classics or contemporary, internationally established art.

The following services are included:

  • a great guided tour through the town with sightseeing of Saint Michael 's church (90 min.)
  • a 'Hohenlohe midday feast' in a comfortable restaurant in the old town
  • admission and guided tour through the current exhibition of the Kunsthalle Würth arts gallery or the Hospitalers' church (60 min.)
  • a small 'salty' present for each participant

Single offers:

Hall sample:

You don't know Schwäbisch Hall yet? Then this trial offer is just right for you. We will show you the nicest places of our town on a guided tour, and 2 500 years of town history will come to life at every corner. Then you will have time for shopping, relaxation in the sanative sole bath or a visit to a museum. The variable time of your stay allows you to plan your short trip to Hall down to your whim!

The following services are included:

  • one or two overnight stays incl. breakfast at the hotel of your choice
  • a great guided tour incl. admission to Saint Michael's church (90 min.)
  • coffee break in a café of choice
  • afternoon snack with a quarter of wine
  • a folder with documentation on Hall

for 2 overnight stays, in addition:

in summer

  • admission to the Hällisch-Fränkisches Museum
  • admission to the Hohenlohe open-air museum

in winter

  • admission to the Hall sole bath (for a stay of 3 hrs)

There is a huge number of all-inclusive prices and guided tours, also with regard to our town festivals. For further information or bookings, please, contact us by telephone or email.

We will be happy to design an offer for you, and within a few days you will receive a booking confirmation.

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