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Council Hall

Council Hall

Consent in the Council Hall

The great Council Hall is turned straight towards the marketplace. The Council Hall is available on Saturdays as well as during the Candlelight wedding.

After the building of the town hall, the Council Hall was - like the Hall of Heroes - equipped with stucco works by Maximilian Josef Pöckh and paintings by Livio Retti that were reconstructed after the destruction of the town hall in 1945. The pictures show biblical subjects, among others, the Last Judgement, the sacrifice of Isaak by Abraham, the judgement of Salomo and the finding of Moses by the daughter of the Pharaoh. The ceiling painting is an allegory on the 'Realisation of God's Realm on earth by Christianity.' Four stucco medallions in the corners of the ceiling show representatives of the four global monarchies: Julius Caesar (Roman empire), Cyrus (Persian realm), Nebuchadnezzar (Babylonian realm) and Alexander the Great (Macedonian realm).

The Council Hall provides about 60 seats and many standing places for your guests.

A special fee of 100 EUR is charged for the Council Hall.