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Wedding chamber

Wedding chamber

Consent in the wedding chamber (Hall of Heroes)

Our most frequently used and requested wedding chamber is the Hall of Heroes!

More than 200 brides and grooms give each other their consent for marriage in this chamber every year.

The Hall of Heroes is in the first floor of the baroque town hall, providing a view of the marketplace and Saint Michael church with its famous outside stair. Italian painter Livio Retti created the paintings in 1736-1738, the stucco work was made by Maximilian Josef Pöckh from Bavaria. During the rebulding after the town hall had burnt down in 1945, the rooms were restored and the artistic furnishing reconstructed. The paintings on the walls display ancient heroes (Mucius Scaevola, Alexander the Great, Aeneas, Marcus Curtius, Hercules). The ceiling painting presumably illustrates 'Scipio's Dream', showing heroes of the Trojan war and Roman history.

The Hall of Heroes provides about 20 seats for your guests. There is also an audio system, enabling us to play the music of your desire!