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Overview of Economic Data

populationstatus 2012
total population 37.291 persons
male17.898 persons
female19.393 persons
foreigners3.459 persons
mationalities116 nations
town area
total town area10.422,836 ha
utilization of areas:
residential area
built-up and open area
traffic area
agricultural area
forest area
water area
other use
sports and recreation areas

11.638.655 m²
288.331 m²
7.703.254 m²
56.857.607 m²
24.701.347 m²
1.024.987 m²
749.693 m²
1.264.483 m²


49th degree of latitude
longitude 9.46° east
height above sea level (all figures above NN)
market place
highest point (Einkorn)
overnight stays
Overnight stays in total197.156
Overnight stays of foreign visitors40.429