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Lappeenranta, Finland, South Karelia

Lappeenranta Orthodox Church

The town of Lappeenranta (58 000 inhabitants) is located in South Karelia, between the southern rim of the Saimmaa lake territory and the border to Russia. It is a university town and the touristic, economic and cultural centre of southeast Finland.

A cruise on lake Saimaa is one of the tourist attractions, beside the port, the marketplace and the old fortress.

Lappeenranta, a border town, has a complex history. Due to its port, the town had a central function in medieval trade. Lappeenranta received its town charter under the Swedish rule in 1649. About a hundred years later, the town was taken by the Russian Czar and reintegrated into Finland only much later, in 1811.

Administrative connections are joined by a student exchange programme, groups from Hall may visit Lappeenranta or groups from Lappeenranta (theatrical or music) are coming to Schwäbisch Hall. The German-Finnish society in Lappeenranta, led by Mr Helmut Lange, is particularly active.

Lappeenranta has an idyllic environment, offering many options of activities for watersports and friends of nature.