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Ensemble in English- Musik Workshop

Im Rahmen von Very British! Britische Kulturwochen Schwäbisch Hall 2018/19

Ensemble in English - mit Jawad Mughal

Are you a musician who wants to play in a mixed ensemble and practice your English at the same time?
Perhaps you are about to join a music school, study abroad or are just interested in knowing what hemidemisemiquaver means?
It doesn`t matter what instrument you play, as long as you are comfortable with basic English and want to improve your English musical vocabulary. By rehearsing music together we will cover music terminology and related terms that are commonly used by musicians and conductors alike. When registering please specify your instrument. Jawad plays the euphonium. I

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Volkshochschule / Musikschule
Eintritt: 42,00 € , ab 5 Personen