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Festivals and Celebrations

Town festivals are a consistent part of life in Schwäbisch Hall. Whatever your preferences, whether traditional, like the Cake and Fountains Festival, commercial like Hall's Spring and Hall's Autumn, multicultural like the Friendship Day or the famous Open-air festivals like the summer night festival or the Jacobi market: You are kindly invited to celebrate with us!

Children's Festival

The Children's Festival has a long tradition. Pretzels were distributed in mediaeval times, while today, the whole town is turned into a huge playground. Kindergartens, schools, associations, the police: many institutions offer a varied program in the town. It is always celebrated the day bevore Ascension.

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Hall's Spring

Schwäbisch Hall celebrates the beginning of spring in every year. Shops are open even on Sunday, and a diversified program is awaiting you all over the town with a children's flea market and a spring festival with live music.

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Cake and Fountain Festival - The historical festival of the Schwäbisch Hall saltsimmerers

Legend has is that during the night before Peter und Paul of the year 1316, the saltsimmerers who kept watch by the boiling pans were alarmed by a cockcrow.

As they went looking where it came from, they saw the cock flying out of the burning roof of the town mill. The saltsimmerers immediate intervention prevented the mill from being destroyed by the fire, whereupon the gratefull miller gave them a cake weighing 100 pounds.

They splendidly garlanded the cake und carried it to the fountains of the town in a festive procession.

This is the origin of the so called "Kuchen- und Brunnenfest" (Cake and Fountain Festival), that in its current form is based on a decree issued in 1785.

Today it is always celebrated on Whitsun.

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Jakobi Market

The Jakobi Market, one of the oldest markets of the region, has been taking place at "Jacob's day" for 800 years. Today it is a lively family festival that takes four days. The vivid mongers' market on Haalplatz square offers a wide range of consumer goods at 120 market stalls.

Alternatively, you may get a touch of 'Oktoberfest' in the fun fair.

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Summer Night Festival

The extended town park changes into an enchanting light sea: 20000 light mugs in imaginative ornaments and 2500 coloured lampions are dangling from the old trees. The Saltsimmerers are dancing with torches on the little island "Grasbödele".

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International Muzzleloader Shooting

Wild West fans from all over Europe meet every year at the Hasenbühl hill in Schwäbisch Hall. There are stalls for craftworks and everything a Western fan may hope for, from jewelry to boots, country live bands in the salon provide for fitting musik. The highlight is of course the front loader shooting competition, where participants from France, Switzerland, the Netherlands - and of course from the USA - can prove their skills.

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Day of Friendship

People from more than 120 nations have found a new home in Schwäbisch Hall. The conclusion of summer has therefore been celebrated by the Day of Friendship for over 20 years, organised by the town and the associations of the foreign fellow citizens. National dishes, music and dances are provided.

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Hall's Autumn

Schwäbisch Hall celebrates the beginning of autumn in every year. Shops are open even on Sunday, and a diversified program is awaiting you all over the town. A wine village are the highlight this weekend.

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Day of Salt

On this day you can see on site how real salt is gained from Hall's original brine in a boiling pan replica with a lot of smoke and fire. The whole day focusses on the '"white gold of the middle ages" with different guides.

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Christmas market

The market place, the town hall and St. Michael's church shine in warm colours to light a fire in the heart of every christmas market fan.

The smell of roasted almonds and spicy mulled wine lingers in the air in all the medieval town. Lovingly decorated booths, differnt varieties of mulled wine, christmas biscuits, handicrafts and gift ideas are an offer that enchants visitors from far and wide.

Local music groups and choirs that are entertaining the visitors will gain a special attention.
So does the kids program during the week like a bakery or doing handicrafts and special offers at the weekend.
A special offer are sightseeing tours through the town or a tour with the night guard.

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